My Story

Adlemi Hernandez

I graduated from Cathedral City High School in 2015 and went off to University of California, Riverside to continue my education. After four years, I graduated from UCR with a B.S. in Business Administration and a Concentration in Marketing. My first job was working as fellow for the UCR Center for Social Innovation as an Organizational Growth Consultant for Huerta del Valle. I am in the process of applying and interviewing for jobs in the hopes that I obtain a full time job offer in the public sector working for a non-profit organization helping our community or for the local government where I can use my prior experience and knowledge in Marketing, Outreach and Communications. OneFuture has contributed in my journey of obtaining these goals by giving me the opportunity to network and intern throughout my college career. I have met amazing people and have made life-long friends through OneFuture. They have been a huge supporter since day one and I will always be grateful for them.

Melissa Ceballos

My name is Melissa Ceballos, a 5-year OneFuture Scholarship recipient. I believe that OneFuture Coachella Valley has been a significant impact in my life and has lead me to where I am today. Without them, I definitely would not have been able to attain my undergraduate education debt free. OneFuture was not only a financial help, but also helped me educationally, emotionally, and professionally. Today, I am a 2nd-grade teacher in the Coachella Valley, striving to lead young minds. Additionally, I am graduate student at Cal Baptist University. My goal is create a positive change in the Coachella Valley through education.

Scarlett Anai Escareto

Going to college had always been a dream and goal, but a 4-year university education seemed far out of my reach. When I graduated high school in 2011, I still wasn't eligible for state aid, but OneFuture provided me with a scholarship that helped pay for my first year in community college. With this aid, I realized that I can continue my education because I can apply to more scholarships. I continued to work hard in my classes and volunteer work and I was thankful to have received this scholarship for the 6 years of my undergraduate career. Not only did the scholarship alleviate some financial burden, but it provided a wealth of resources and mentors that I feel I will continue to have. Through them I also learned about internships such as the OneFuture Health Career Connection where I had the opportunity to intern with the Future Physician Leaders Program, where I made more amazing connections and expanded my own professional skills. Through this internship I was able to ask my coordinator for a letter of recommendation to dental school.

I can honestly say that thanks to the support of OneFuture, I received my AA in Liberal Arts: Math & Science from College of the Desert in 2014 and my BS in neuroscience from UC Riverside in 2017. Now I am a second-year dental student at USC. OneFuture Coachella Valley became my family because they not only helped me financially, but they quickly became a support system I can go to for professional and personal guidance throughout my undergraduate journey and even now in my professional career to become a general dentist, and for that I am eternally grateful.